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Chairman Mao a legendary person or a lonely person

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  核心提示:About Chairman Mao--a legendary person or a lonely personwhen writing this topic , i have a sort of complicated feelings. we are so proud that we had...

About Chairman Mao--a legendary person or a lonely person

when writing this topic , i have a sort of complicated feelings.

we are so proud that we had such a leader, Chairman Mao , one of the greatest person in human history. But most foreign friends who i know consider him as a monocrat in China. Even some textbooks in some foreign countries have been describing him as one of brutal despots in chinese history. i saw it, heard it and thought that it is a heavy responsibility for me, as a common chinese, to say "No" to those who with prejudice view to this person and correct their manners to Mao. The following words do not represent any official langues from any chinese governments, which is only my opinions. When evaluating a historical politician, we should observe his political decisive actions related to the national cultural backgrounds as well as the political environment at the time. Thereby, I wish the words i am writing here today would give our forign friends all arround the world an impersonal and candid ideas about this person.

it can be understandable that those people have different perspective with the disputed person since we are living in the distinct cultural soils. how can we know him, a real Mao ? yes , most foreigners know him through some people 's words about the movement of "Culture revolution" led by him from 1966-1976 so that their impression about Mao is an outrageous dictator with narrow mind. It is not true , i have to say here, that the real Mao was actually distorted by someone whoes benefits cutted by Mao. it s true that Mao made mistakes about the leadership but not means he is an absolutely bad person. Oppositely, he is a real kind person. if you want to know him, you should come to china and see how common chinese people talking about him instead of listening to others' words in your country, you have to go to his memorial and see how many people voluntarily gathering together for the purpose to see him in his commemorative day, and you also have to go to farmers, ordinary workers' home to see what people' s unsophisticated deep feelings and impressions about him in every corner of China.

Based on the extrememly poor economic conditions, as a young student, he started to explore and chase his ideals that saving those poor commons suffering from the tyrannized landowners in the past of China. Death or surviving, he and his team members, had been overcome the most tough difficulties during the war period and the extent of achievments they expanded more than any leaders in human history:

It 's him that China built up the strong military system based on the extrememly poor military instruments.

it 's him that China unified together again.

it 's him that China built up the national economic system based on the extrememly tough financial situation.

it' s him that China sent the first satellite to the outer space.

it 's him that China being stronger to against the imperialistic powers in the rest of the world.

it 's him that tears for the hungery poors with pure emotions.

it 's him that killed the corruptive bureaucratists without lenient minds.

There s no doult that Chinese people, particularly the commons, still love him more than any leaders in history.He tried to do, as a perfect politician, what his original idea was about the world , about China. and he almost did all of his ideals. His original ideal as a justice politician in human society is to try to bulid up an equitable social structure which could help the most poors. However, with the increasingly consolidation of the communistical party in China, some of the bureaucratists in his team were getting to enjoy more at that time while most chinese people were still living in the extrememly poor conditions. The original purpose of Mao's "culture revolution" is that trying to eliminate the effects of bureaucratism in China. Prior to Mao, thousands of social politicians have been trying to explore the suitable Political pattern that could help China to be stronger in the competitive world since 1842 to 1949. Unfortunately, we have seen that all of them were failed.

Democratic system might be fitted in some countries, but difficult living in China. It has no efficiency and decisions to be made after the implement of democracy in China under the poor economic situation and huge amount of populations. Everyone want to reach their personal interest goals, but how can a country satisfy each one 's desire of 1.3 billion population? China need a relevant centralized political system that could help it to be stronger in the world. However, the problems of corruptions involved with the bureaucracy also has tremendous side-effects harming for the society. Mao had noticed the problem, which is totally opposite to his efforts about the social revolution. As for this country, he lost his wife, sons, and brothers who killed by the Chiang Kai-shek group who fight for the interests of traditional landowners. He love this country even more than himself. Emotionaly, he would never bear any issues that harming for the benefits of the poors happened in China.

Mao is the God of justice for the poors in China. He hate those corruptive bureaucratists. What his ideal is to set up a country without social classification that everybody could live in an equire position.

Chen YongGui might be the prime minister who was a farmer first happened in modern human history. Chen, is only a farmer and illiteracy in ShanXi province before his vice prime minister time, was nominated by Mao. He made a great success, as a village leader, in the agriculture field so that aroused the central chinese government's attention in 1950's. However, Chen was only a farmer as well as an illiteracy who didnt know anything about governance and political science. Why did Mao choose him as a vice prime minister in central government? Mao disdain those bureaucratists who were at high status and corruptive. Mao's intention was to convince his government for the common people, which represent the most commons' interests. Therefore, he choose Chen sitting beside him. The most roots were happy. But those bureaucratists were unhappy and tried to opposite to him. The power conflicts began. Mao launched the political movements that thousands of bureaucratists and scholars were laidoff to the farms to gain the tough farming educations. I have to say that Mao's original idea was great from today's perspective of watching.

Unfortunately, few people around him gave him a strong hand at that time except his wife, JiangQing, who only want to use him to catch the power. He had to fight alone. And some of the snoblings also seized the opportunities to use the conflict space to gain political interests by his influences. Therefore, the tragedy happened that someone with ulterior motives seized the opportunities to circumvent people who they disliked.

Mao is a thespian person in his old time in my view. he tried his most efforts to do the right thing, which he thought it is, for his fellows. but the efficacy is like two edged of sword. i has to conceded that the economy growth had been delayed and China missed the opportunities to grow up faster at that time. Even some people were treated unjustice during the 10 years of "culture revolution". he also did not listen to others ' opinions about the country's development strategy and did the things he ramstam thought of the right things in his time.

However, on the other hand, he educated people, in particular, the bureaucratists to respect the poor commons. As we know, China has more than 2000 years of feudalistic social culture which coarsely disdain the poor farmers. Mao firstly raised the poor people's status in China 's history and changed people's manner to the poors, which educated people to respect the roots and learned to respect each other. He roused the roots' spirits to fight with their destiny to the most extent. The commons were enthusiasm of the contributions to the society , which total different to the past thousands years of China. The contribution and self-giving spirits was full of the whole country and rooted in common chinese minds at that time.Just because of his selflessness spirits, Commons would love and remember Chairman Mao forever. During his time of the personal affections, the entire social spirits were total changed.

As for my family, my grandfather was a hero that people called him before. I was shocked when i heared my aging mother said that my grandfather just died of saving other 's life in an accident and he died in a very young age when my mother was only 3 or 4 years old. Other old generations also said it s common to see people help each other like this kind of case at that time. it is a sort of great honor that people help each others at Mao's time, and would be shame if people didnt give others' hands and be selfish at that time frame in China . This kind of social cultual spirits did never happen before in China's history, and also would never happen in the future of hundreds years in China in my view. Therefore, now i can understand why people are still yearning too much for Mao even they were poor and someone were laid off to the poor farms from the comfortable cities. Although the affection of the kind of spirits still remain in china, but it s actually waning nowadays. It s hard to see people share with each others but more interest fightings in current China. That is the main reason, as i consider, why Mao is still respected by the most commons in China up to now, and still would be in future.

when we comment on a person, judge him virtuous or evil, not only we need to observe his own characters, but his family members as well. Mao's minds sometime are pure and simple for his living. He had no savings as well as other private holdings after his gone. His offspring also are very ordinary with simple living style in China now. ."when one person got high official position, all his family members would also get benefits, which this kind of underlying rule should not happen in my family",he said in the words. The fact is that his two daughter are only middle class retired officers who even difficult to charge the medical treatment, and his only grandson is an ordinary professor in a university who earning basic salary from government. Comparing with some other generals' or current high bureaucratists' young generations who enjoy their livings thoroughly in China now since their father or mother made the achievements during the founding of the country, Mao has stricter family educations for his own children, which they would never have chance to be corruptive. But now, it 's pity that we can see the corruptive bureaucratists permeated all arround each corner of the country.

Mao 's ideal about human being may be platonic, which he wish everybody like him to erase the selfish minds and be dedication to the public. However, human being's nature, sometime, is complicated. We have to concede that most of us are selfish when we met the emergency. But it depends on how we look at and dealing with it properly. Self-concern both can be a greedy evil or a motivation that people innovate and improve their living quality better and better. The society needs individual self-fulfillments so the whole world would be improve better and faster.However, there is no doubt that Mao's ideas about human being are great no matter from the watching historically or in future.

Whatever he did, Mao at least gave chinese the vital experience of what is right and what is wrong in the following process. He bequeathed a great sorts of spiritual treasures to the world and offered hopes and opportunities to the most poors but failed in his strategy of economic development. Centralized economic development may be good at the original stage but lose efficency in the follwoing steps. That is why china need another revolution, the reform of economic development, which open the door and communicate more with other international communities.


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